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Special EducationTeacher Aide
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School Related Personnel
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DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This title is used for positions, which are created for the main purpose of relieving schoolteachers of that part of their duties, which while related to the teaching process, can be performed by non-professional personnel.  The duties of this class differ from those of School Monitor due to the more complex nature of the assignments that are performed. The duties of School Monitor are generally quite limited in scope where as those of Teacher Aide often times require specific skills or abilities.

Civil Service Title
Teacher Aide
Job Qualifications

The Palmyra-Macedon Central School District is looking for a Special Eduation Teacher Aide who will provide our students with a world-class, relevant education. 

Qualified candidates must have and be able to:

  • High School graduate or equivalent
  • Able to work well with others as a team
  • Able to follow written and verbal instructions

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Good general intelligence; ability to establish good relationships with children and others; familiarity with classroom routine; good background or knowledge in specific field who specialized duties are involved; above average clerical aptitude; resourcefulness in conducting above described activities indirectly related to teaching process; ability to maintain discipline; tact; courtesy; good judgment; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

ACCEPTABLE EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING:  Graduation from high school supplemented by additional experiences and knowledge in a particular field where specialized duties are involved; or any equivalent combination of experience and training.


Application Procedure
  • Complete online application
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • At least 3 recent professional letters of recommendation (within 12 months of application date)
Job Category
Special Education Teacher Aide
Job Location
Primary School

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