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Job Opening Information Laborer - 3rd Shift

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Position Title
Laborer - 3rd Shift
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Salary/Pay Scale
$30,286 + $1,500 per year
Job Description

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This is routine manual work requiring physical endurance and a willingness to perform arduous tasks. Assignments may shift from outdoor to indoor work depending on the season. Laborers usually work under continuing supervision or their activities are subject to frequent inspection.


  • Assists in the maintenance or construction of roads, streets, utility and drainage systems, sewers and catch basins, by digging and backfilling trenches, spreading asphalt, sand and gravel;
  • Assists in construction, patching and grading of roads and installation of new sidewalks;
  • Assists in preparation, laying out, marking and maintenance of athletic fields or parks;
  • Removes snow from sidewalks, parking lots and recreational areas by shoveling or using a tractor or pick-up truck and plow;
  • Operates power driven tools and equipment such as saws, compressors, drills, mixers, pumps, and various lawn mowing equipment and trimmers;
  • Uses hand tools such as shovels, scythes, forks, rakes in ground maintenance and beautification work;
  • Loads and unloads vehicles and trucks;
  • Acts as flagperson on highway jobs, directs trucks at loading and unloading sites;
  • Performs general clean-up work such as collecting garbage, rubbish and recyclables, removing debris, raking leaves, cutting grass and weeds;
  • Trims shrubs, cuts brush, spades flower beds, plants trees and assists in other grounds maintenance activities;
  • Assists in the installation and maintenance of traffic signs and markings;
  • Washes walls and windows and performs a variety of building and cleaning work;
  • May assist with painting and unskilled carpentry tasks;
  • May assist in performing minor mechanical maintenance or equipment repairs and assist in servicing equipment by adding fuel, coolants and lubricants.
Civil Service Title
Job Qualifications

Qualified candidates must have and be able to:

  • High School graduate or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of practices, tools and materials used in the cleaning, minor maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment
  • Self-starter, able to work alone
  • Any equivalent combination of training and experience

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Willingness to perform routine manual work and tasks; ability to lift heavy weights; ability to operate simple machinery; ability to follow simple oral or written instructions; willingness to work under all weather conditions; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Application Procedure
  • Complete online application
  • Resume
  • At least 3 recent professional letters of recommendation (within 12 months of application date)

Only applicants who submit all the required materials listed above will be considered for the position.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all materials have been submitted for review.

Job Category
Buildings and Grounds
Job Location
High School

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